Zer Hitech (1976) Ltd. Company Profile

ZER GROUP was founded in 1976 by Dr. Tami Zer and Dr. Avi Zer. Zer Hitech (1976) Ltd., consists of two companies:
1. Zer Hitech (1976) Ltd.
Zer Hitech (1976) Ltd. is active in the import and distribution of products from European and US companies in medical and pharmaceutical fields, as well as research, development and manufacture of diagnostic products. Zer Hitech is accredited with ISO13485.
Zer Hitech (1976) Ltd. consists of two main divisions:

                                 Zer Import and Distribution Division
Zer Hitech (1976) Ltd. imports various specialty products. Zer is a leading importer and supplier of products for pharmacies, drug store chains, hospitals and health fund organizations throughout Israel. Zer Hitech Ltd. has excellent cooperation with Israel's largest health fund organization - Clalit Health Services, with over 1.5 million members and all the drug store chains in Israel, including Super-Pharm (with over 220 branches).
                                  Zer Diagnostic Manufacturing Division
ZER Hitech Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets One Step Rapid Tests. mainly in the field of pregnancy and ovulation.
2. Zer Laboratoreis Ltd.
Zer Laboratories Ltd. is the largest private clinical Laboratory in Israel for clinical tests, mainly in prenatal screening tests for Down's Syndrome, genetic tests and additional tests performed during IVF and fertility treatments.

The Zer brand is very well known and highly respected by medical doctors, pharmacists and women in Israel.

ONE STEP TESTS : Our pregnancy tests won first and second place in a study, conducted by the German Gynecological Association, comparing 14 leading brands of pregnancy tests in German Pharmacies – The most sensitive pregnancy test in Germany (Jatros Gynakologie, 11, Nr. 4/95).

ZER - with 40 years experience in the field of diagnostics.

Zer Building, 3 Sorek Park, Beit Shemesh 99052, Israel Tel: +972-2-9955550, Fax: +972-2-9990906
E-mail: contactus@zerhitech.com

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